About emma 

emma is the result of more than 40 years of industry experience and knowledge in providing medication management and charting solutions. emma is the most compliant and comprehensive electronic med admin product available on the market today and has the ability to integrate with any other clinical programme.

Our design allows remote users access anywhere. This benefits prescribers, pharmacists and allied health professionals to manage resident/client medication efficiency.

emma has been developed based on peer-reviewed research to enhance medication safety and quality. Our system offers the most comprehensive clinical attributes on the market, whilst providing an exceptional user experience.

“Working with the team from Compact has been a positive experience. After investigating every electronic medication system available, emma was the most comprehensive that I found. The implementation was well supported and comprehensive, providing onsite training to both our staff and the pharmacy. Working with Compact to modify and make improvements has also been very positive. Every suggestion was considered and implemented, and any issues were actioned immediately. The system is user-friendly, and feedback from all of my staff has been nothing but positive. The ongoing support has been exceptional.”
Fiona Thomas – Director of Care
Windsor Aged Care