About emma 

emma is the result of 40 years of industry experience and knowledge of medication management. We have again listened to all stakeholders to design emma with you in mind. emma is the only stand alone electronic med admin product available on the market today; yet has the ability to integrate with any other clinical programme. 

emma's design allows remote user access anywhere. Prescribers are able to log in and view their residents chart remotely. Pharmacists are able to log in from the pharmacy and update resident's medication and doses. 

emma has been developed to enhance safety and quality, offers the most comprehensive clinical attributes on the market whilst also providing an exceptional user experience.
 Some of the feedback rearding emma includes: 

  • "Compact's reputation, experience and knowledge over many years regarding Medication Management is again  showcased with the development of emma. They have listened and delivered"
  • "A fantastic alternative to signing on a paper based system"
  • “emma is sure to help us attract quality staff, with its modern design and functionality”